George Good Citizens Award

Good Citizen Award

Nominations and discussions about making George better and setting an example for our youth.


Rules for the nominations sent via inbox or email are as follows:-
1. Full Names of Nominee.
2. Contact and address details of the nominee
3. A detailed description of why you believe this person should be nominated.

Criteria for nominations:-
The person being nominated must be a resident of George that shows a dedication towards the town by being an example to others. A person that through their actions is creating a safer, cleaner or better town for all without compensation or reward but that is driven by a passion to do the right thing. A person that through his/her actions is an example to our youth of Good Citizenship.
Nominations should come from people that witness these acts and when nominating, a disclosure of the relationship must be made in order to maintain transparency.
Nominations will close on the 25th each Candidates nomination will be posted in the files section in PDF format as one document which can be downloaded for information regarding the nominees.
ALL nominations will be posted as a poll on the page so that YOU as the public will vote for the winner. This is believed to be the most transparent and fair way to achieve our objective.



Please click  on  Nomination for Good Citizens Awards George , complete but feel free to share the link with others living in George. Any suggestions on improving this would also be welcome